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Inspired by NPR’s thought-provoking, touching, and sometimes gut-wrenching Race Card Project (, the Love Note Project invites you to distill your thoughts, experiences, or observations about love into one sentence that has only six words.  

A Love Note can be about any type or aspect of love: romantic love, parental love, unrequited love, the emotion of love, first love, broken love, falling in/out of love... It can be funny, thought-provoking, brim-full  with hope and joy, or biting with bitterness and discouragement. Some might bring tears to your eyes, others might make you laugh. You might feel some are not appropriate for this website's wall.

However, the idea is to provide an open space that allows everyone to express their honest views about Love, so we must work to honor the candor of the Love Note, even when it may be off-putting or unappealing to some.

Thank you for joining the project. Please come back often!


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