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I am delighted that you have found The Love Note Project. I hope it will become a place where anyone and everyone can meld two of the most beautiful and affirming aspects of being human: the emotions that give depth and breadth to experience, and the human ability to use language to construct meaning, convey experience, and resonate with others. 

 It has been said that emotion is the lens through which we interpret experience. And unverifiable legend reports Ernest Hemingway as the first to issue the challenge to write a compelling story in six words--his example: "Baby Shoes for sale. Never worn."  And that is the challenge of The Love Note Project: in six words, capture the essence of,  express, share, and affirm the most complex emotion of them all--love.

I hope you will find it to be a place you can listen to, resonate with, or share thoughts, experiences, hopes, dreams, disappointments about LOVE, in all its facets: poignant or painful, eros and agape, love for self, love for others, broken love, unrequited love....  

 Come think, see, feel, connect. Share YOUR Love Note here.